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Everyone is a fan of something

Fans come together to form fandoms around the things they love. The power of fandom is reshaping the world and creating unprecedented value. bemyfriends is here to transform the value of your fandom into a successful business.

We provide total solutions for the global fandom business

Bemyfriends delivers comprehensive fandom business solutions and services, combining IT-based platforms with expert consulting to take your fandom business to the next level. Build a sustainable fandom business with bemyfriends.


Own your fandom hub powered by b.stage

E-commerce and fulfillment service

A dedicated e-commerce and logistics team that handles global sales, payment, and delivery of physical goods


A specialized entertainment service led by K-Pop experts

IP Business

Consulting and operational agency services to transform your intangible IP into tangible assets

bemyfriends joins investors to grow the global fandom business.

Meet the investors who recognize the unique value of bemyfriends