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bemyfriends Takes Aim At The Global Creator Economy By Appointing Long Time Global Marketing Expert


Hanna Park Brings Decades of Experience to Help Creators and Iconic Brands Unleash the Power of Their Fandom and Foster Meaningful Connections with Fans 

Today, bemyfriends, a global fandom business builder, announces the appointment of Hanna Park to Chief Marketing Officer. Effective immediately, Hanna Park brings deep expertise in building iconic global brands along with transformative marketing strategies to unlock the power and potential of the newest software solutions company in the fandom industry.

“I am honored to help lead bemyfriends during this time of rapid growth and global expansion for the company,” says Hanna Park, CMO of bemyfriends. “Our products and services are built with the overall purpose of making it easier and more convenient for creators and iconic brands to monetize their content through their own personalized platform. My time at Samsung opened my eyes to see that fandom is not just for artists and creators, it is for brands, too. Fandom is universal, anyone can be a creator, and it is exciting to help the people across the globe unleash their passions with those who they love, and those who love them.”

Hanna will lead the planning, development and execution of the company’s marketing, brand strategy, advertising, digital marketing initiatives, editorial and media relations efforts as bemyfriends grows their product offerings and customer reach.  She will be responsible for building upon the already innovative work she has accomplished in her last five months on the bemyfriends team.

“Hanna’s dedication, drive, and passion towards helping us achieve our mission makes her the ideal fit for the CMO position,” says Steve Suh, co-CEO of bemyfriends. “Hanna will be an integral part of bringing unmatched value to the new economy and help share the magic that bemyfriends’ products and services provide for creators and iconic brands. Through shared experiences and mutual reciprocation, bemyfriends helps fans and creators connect better than ever before. We are building a new world with new opportunities completely catered to sharing creators' passions and love across the globe.”

Prior to joining bemyfriends, Hanna was the Head of Marketing and Communications at bitsensing and spent nearly a decade as a senior member of the global PR and communications strategy team at Samsung. As a seasoned marketing professional and proven track-record of success in building global brands, Hanna’s vision and understanding of what it takes to build global brands will take bemyfriends to the next level of success.

Hanna earned her B.A in International Affairs and her M.S. in Strategic Public Relations from George Washington University. 

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