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Our investors areour biggest supporters

"bemyfriends demonstrates significant potential for global growth and scalability. We are thrilled to partner with bemyfriends, a trend-setting company in the global fandom business informed by the team’s extensive and comprehensive experience and know-how. Through an active partnership that goes beyond investment, we look forward to creating synergies."
"We recognized a need for an IT-based D2C platform in the fast-growing creator economy that would allow businesses and creators to connect directly with their fans. Together, CJ and bemyfriends will lead the global fandom market through active collaboration."
"We invest in startups that meet three important criteria: driven by cutting-edge technology, unlimited global potential, and new market value creation. These are exactly the traits we saw in bemyfriends, and strongly believe the company will transform the way the current market builds business."
"bemyfriends is one of the only startup companies we’ve invested in. We tracked the founders’ success stories that catapulted the world to the next level of K-pop fandom business, and as a corporate entity ourselves, we recognize that Fandom Business is a blue ocean for this industry."
"As a global startup accelerator, we have an extensive portfolio. bemyfriends has a very unique business model transnationally that speaks to human nature’s instinct to share what we love, beyond market valuation. What’s more amazing is bemyfriends’ ability to develop a total solution that combines everything that the market needs."
“Dreamus Company (FLO) is making a world for the creators to show their talents without any restriction with their fans in music, entertainment, and audio new media field. Dreamus Company follows the same dreams as bemyfriends. We anticipate the innovation of new creator economy that bemyfriends will create with their experiences and know-how with the global fandom business and development technology.

Empower your global fandom business

Fandom has expanded worldwide, generating unprecedented economic and social value. bemyfriends aims to unlock this potential for all artists, creators, and brands. With bemyfriends, you can incorporate the power of fandom into your business strategy. The opportunities for a global fandom business are limitless.

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