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Join the bfriends movement : making the creator economy a better place for all

We are big fans of

  • Fresh thinking

    We look at the world around us with a fresh perspective, making smart moves to find new and better ways of doing things.

    Learn from challenges
    We’re always looking to improve. We challenge ourselves to adapt and go beyond our comfort zone, being brave enough to change direction if things aren’t going well. We admit our mistakes and learn from them.
    Create something unique
    We preempt what our clients need and engineer irreplaceable products that are valuable to people and bring about meaningful change. Across everything we do, we’re always looking for a better way.
  • Real commitment

    Like the fandoms we support, we’re all-in on what we believe in. We’re confident and highly committed to the work we do.

    Aim for expert
    We learn and grow every day as professionals. At bemyfriends, we value our colleagues as trusted market experts.
    Impact matters
    We dedicate ourselves to our core business. We act fast on good opportunities, but always think long-term.
  • Straight talking

    We give people the background they need. Then keep it simple with straight-talking and honest.

    Open up
    We encourage open and honest communication, speaking to each other on the same level and sharing what we know and how we feel.
    Give Context
    We give full context when we ask for help or need something done. It means everybody fully understands the task and feels part of the answer.
  • Humble brilliance

    We always stay true to who we are: a down-to-earth team, here to give fans and creators the best opportunities possible.

    Do the right thing
    That’s the most important value in working with our colleagues, clients and partners.
    Together better
    Every colleague is a partner. We listen to each other and show respect at all times, even when we have to disagree. We give our partners support when they need it, and share in the good times as a team.

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We’re growing fast and things are always changing. Keep a lookout for new openings.

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