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bemyfriends raised seed investment - USD 2.5 million in US dollars


August 10, 2021 - bemyfriends announced that it has raised $2.5 million US dollars as seed investment from Saehan Venture Capital, GS Holdings, and Spark Labs.

Saehan Venture Capital invests in a large number of domestic unicorn portfolios from Korea including Krafton, Coupang, Woowa Brothers, Viva Republica, Zigbang, and Socar. Spark Labs, the global startup accelerator, recognized the potential in the B2B SaaS model from bemyfriends. 

bemyfriends is a startup founded by key members from Weverse, the global K-pop fandom platform, who developed and led the success of the company. The new SaaS platform in development  by bemyfriends allows  clients to own and operate their own platform. 

With b.stage, clients in various industries with fandom such as brands or entertainment will be able to own and operate the platform, as well as have access to Omni solutions from media, content, global e-commerce, and beyond.. b.stage is scheduled to launch in 2021. 

Aaron Bae, CEO of bemyfriends, believes the seed investment has proven the firm's know-how in global service development and the unlimited potential in their business models. bemyfreinds will set a new standard in fandom business. 

Read original article in Korean here 

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