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bemyfriends Signs MoU With Social Token Platform Fanto to Strengthen Creative Ownership for Web3 Era



MoU allows creators to establish their own digital economy using bemyfriends’ bespoke platform builder, b.stage

Adding social token support to b.stage opens up new ways for platform-independent creators to monetize content, boost engagement and reward fans 

MoU will accelerate transition to a sustainable Web3 creator economy

SEOUL, Korea – July 11, 2022  Global fandom business startup bemyfriends has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the creator-focused social token platform Fanto. Adding Fanto support to bemyfriends’ bespoke platform builder, b.stage, combines key services that are foundational to creators’ creative and community-building activities. By enabling creators to establish token economies within their b.stage-powered platforms, bemyfriends and Fanto plan to bring synergy to creative ownership while empowering creators to thrive in the Web3 era.

b.stage is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that provides creators with the functions and services they need to take control of their monetization and connect with fans on a deeper level. This includes everything from sharing and selling content to platform branding and design, memberships, donations and community building.

Since its launch, b.stage has made waves across the industry based on a unique approach to fandom management. The solution offers creators full ownership of their platform’s data and activities, as well as new levels of insight into their content and fandom. Today, bemyfriends continues to enhance b.stage with partnerships and services that offer creators even more useful insights, can make their business more profitable, and help them realize the true promise of the creator economy.

bemyfriends is committed to lowering technological barriers to enable any creator to harness the power of Web3 and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In line with that effort, beginning with this MoU, bemyfriends plans to enhance b.stage services with various social token infrastructures, including those based on the Klaytn and Ethereum blockchains. In the future, creators will be able to integrate Fanto's social token functions into their b.stage-powered platform to issue tokens, authenticate memberships, conduct e-commerce and more.

Adding such functionality will enable deeper and more active communication between creators and their fans. With their b.stage-powered platform, creators will be able to issue tokens that they can use to manage access to everything from content to events and campaigns. Fans, meanwhile, will be able to use creators’ tokens to purchase premium content and earn rewards. As creators’ communities expand with more fan participation, the value of their tokens can steadily increase. Going forward, bemyfriends and Fanto will continue to explore ways to offer creators greater creative ownership by expanding uses for social tokens and NFTs in b.stage-powered platforms.

In signing the MoU, Fanto DAO aims to establish an ecosystem in which creative activities are driven by creators’ interactions with their fans, creating new values in the process. Such interactions are already being realized in b.stage, helping creators build more sustainable businesses.

“bemyfriends views creators as founders of startups and provides them with customized services to strengthen their business," said Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends. The introduction of social tokens and NFT technology is an extension of these efforts – one that will guarantee creators certain rights, such as copyright protection, and can help them boost profits. "Through active discussion with various partners, including NFT and social token operators, bemyfriends will continue to diversify b.stage’s offerings and lead the movement for creative ownership in the Web3 era,” added Seo.

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