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bemyfriends and Dreamus Company to Strengthen Strategic Partnership with b.stage-Powered Platform for New Web Show

  • bemyfriends has partnered with Dreamus company to expand their content-based global fandom businesses, following Dreamus Company’s investment and the signing of an MOU.
  • In addition to linking services between b.stage and FLO, the partners will strengthen their strategic collaboration by creating a b.stage-powered platform for the web show, “WET!”.
SEOUL, Korea – January 16, 2023 – Global fandom business startup bemyfriends has announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Dreamus Company, which will strengthen the companies’ fandom businesses. The collaboration will see bemyfriends provide a b.stage-powered platform that will serve as the official website of Dreamus Company's self-produced web entertainment show, “World EDM Trend!” (hereinafter referred to as WET!).

In November 2021, Dreamus Company invested in bemyfriends and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate closely with the company. Since then, the two companies have continued to strengthen cooperation on technology and services with the goal of advancing the global fandom business. Recently, the companies linked bemyfriends' web-based SaaS solution, b.stage, with Dreamus Company’s open audio platform, FLO, to offer users a richer fan experience.

WET!, Dreamus Company’s web-based EDM competition show streaming on Wavve, Channel S, and A .tv in Korea, is set to debut at 22:30 PM (KST) on January 11, 2023. It features top Korean DJs and labels going head-to-head. The show’s official website ( will include content for viewers and EDM fans. As part of the companies’ strategic collaboration, bemyfriends is developing additional functions for the website that will streamline its fan management and business operations.

“Through this strategic partnership with bemyfriends, we expect artists and creators in FLO to be able to build and grow their fandoms more quickly, and we will continue cooperating to improve usability and strengthen fandom experiences,” said Dong-hun Kim, CEO of Dreamus Company.

"Thanks to our strategic partnership with Dreamus Company, we will strive to unleash the infinite power of the fandom business in any industry, not just in content and entertainment," said Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "As such, bemyfriends will continue to work with various partners, including Dreamus Company, to provide services that will expand the global fandom business and the creator economy."

Meanwhile, bemyfriends continues to expand in the global fandom market with its hero solution, b.stage. b.stage is an all-in-one solution that combines support for five languages, as well as content, memberships, communities, e-commerce, shop operations, tangible product sales, and global logistics in one place.

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