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bemyfriends Brings the Fandom Business to the Next Level for the Global Market

  • Based on its global fandom business know-how, bemyfriends accelerates its the global fandom business starting in the US, selecting major agency UTA as a strategic partner.
  • Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends, says that "we will promote the success of the K-Pop fandom business to the world and lead the creator economy with our confidence in the fandom business industry."
SEOUL, Korea – January 19, 2023 - bemyfriends, a global fandom business builder, is accelerating  its global business starting with the US market to bring the fandom business to the next level. Encouraged by its rich experience in the fandom business and the rapid development of its SaaS solution b.stage, bemyfriends plans to prove the potential of the fandom business model in various industries around the world. In doing so, the company is accelerating its global expansion plans.
bemyfriends, a company established by fandom business experts, has set a goal to become the global No. 1 fandom business builder. In April 2022, the company launched the bespoke platform builder, b.stage, which helps creators and brands worldwide operate their fandom businesses. Currently, the platform is available in five different languages. It also supports global e-Commerce functions related to monetization, such as payment and overseas shipping. As of now, fans in more than 170 countries around the world are using b.stage to communicate with their stars, while the platform is expanding its global accessibility. 
At the start of 2023, bemyfriends went full force into realizing a global business vision and strategy that had been present at the company from the beginning—they want to target the global market, starting with the US. The company entered into a strategic partnership with major US talent agency UTA (United Talent Agency, UTA hereinafter) this January. UTA is home to world-renowned artists like actors Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy but also provides strategic consulting for brands like Coca-Cola and Delta. Recently, it has expanded into other areas like Ethereum-based Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Intellectual Property (IP). 
Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends, is already recognized for his success and competence in the global fandom business through the launch of Weverse. He is leading the company into the global market, alongside other top industry figures who have served as heads of the global businesses for corporate brands and various services. Based on the company’s expertise and deep understanding of the fandom business, bemyfriends plans to actively form networks with clients of UTA who are active in a wide range of industries, including entertainment and Web3. The plan is to export knowledge of the fandom business to the global market while strengthening global fandom communities in sectors like K-Pop in the domestic market.
"I am thrilled to be working with bemyfriends, a company that is revolutionizing the global fandom business," said Max Michael, Head of Asia Business Development at UTA. "The strong power of fandom resonates throughout the world. Various global brands carry out successful fandom businesses with bemyfriends."
"bemyfriends believes that fandom exists everywhere and has no borders," said Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "bemyfriends was made to target the global market and has expanded the influence of the K-Pop and K-Content fandom, proving the scalability of the fandom business. Based on global partnerships with actors like UTA, we will promote the success of the fandom business to the world and lead the creator economy market." 
b.stage is currently being used in various fields like esports, content, OTT media, broadcasting, and creators, in addition to K-pop artists. From 2023, bemyfriends plans to support the global fandom business in different ways by providing services like fandom consulting and IP business, along with new features and service updates in b.stage. 

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