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bemyfriends Chooses PayPal As Their Global Payment Solution For b.stage


bemyfriends deploys PayPal to create an easy way for fans to make purchases through b.stage. 

Launching in 2022, b.stage is an all-in-one software service designed for creators and iconic brands to create their own platform by harnessing the power of the K-Pop fandom mechanism to help users build a sustainable income, all while empowering them to focus on their passion. 

This newly announced user payment experience is an important part of the ecosystem of powerful partners offered within b.stage to help create, grow, and run a complete business for creators and iconic brands.

“The PayPal payment experience is an integral part in opening a new era of economy and creating a path for people to share their passion in every corner of their lives,” says Aaron Bae, CEO of bemyfriends. 

“We chose PayPal because of their elite check out system, that provides reliable and secure payment for customers around the world. b.stage enables customers to have their goods shipped anywhere in the world so we knew we had to work with a global payments powerhouse to provide a seamless user experience for cross-border e-commerce.”

PayPal offers a convenient and secure payment platform for users to seamlessly run all avenues of monetization on b.stage including loyalty programs, one-time payments, or designing a subscription model for a content series.

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