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[Editorial] bemyfriends Redefines Global Fandom in 2023

In 2022, b.stage had its global launch with an accumulated investment of approx 27 million USD (KRW 33 billion)

In 2022, despite the cold wave in the startup investment market, bemyfriends secured the foundation for the business by attracting a cumulative investment of approximately USD 27 million (KRW 33 billion). By officially launching its hero SaaS solution 'b.stage' in the global market, bemyfriends has established itself as a start-up attracting attention in the creator economy market.

b.stage has grown into an all-in-one solution in a short period of time by continuing follow-up function updates even after the official launch. Under the corporate slogan of 'Everyone is a fan of something', anyone with fans around the world can easily and quickly strengthen their fandom and monetize through b.stage. The b.stage app launched last December, and also received support from many fans by enhancing access to news from creators and brands (hereafter referred to as owners). We are still updating b.stage with features that can help owners' fandom businesses.

Thanks to these efforts, owners from different fields - including K-POP artists, actors, webtoon writers, e-Sports, corporate brands, media, and broadcast content producers - are all using b.stage to communicate with their fans.




Aiming to lead the global creator economy with diversified fandom business initiatives in 2023 

From 2023, bemyfriends plans to expand its services and business support in various ways to help b.stage owners succeed in their fandom businesses. This will help the owners in various industries strengthen the foundation of their fandom businesses and build a sustainable business structure. We plan to step up to enter the global market as a more comprehensive fandom business company.


First, b.stage is strengthening its fandom consulting services

The fandom operations expert group has accumulated experience and expertise from the process of onboarding owners in b.stage. Based on this, the group presents insights and roadmaps to owners in each respective industry.
The e-Commerce expert group is ready to assist with the planning, production, and global delivery logistics of tangible products to help b.stage owners more easily expand their fandom businesses.
bemyfriends will support all aspects of the owners' businesses with technical solutions, platform operation know-how, and other types of practical support. To help owners successfully monetize their platforms, we will also make b.stage more accessible.


Second, FLNK, the all-new platform service that connects fandom and artists 

In an entertainment industry dominated by K-POP, we want to provide customers with more choices that go beyond building and operating platforms on their own. That is why we are launching FLNK(FLNK, , a new platform service that will help entertainment companies expand their global fandom businesses.
FLNK is a platform and a network that connects K-POP artists and global fandom. Built using b.stage, FLNK is an abbreviation of FANDOM + LINK. As one of bemyfriends's new service offers, it helps entertainment companies expand the reach of their global fandom businesses. 


On FLNK, artists can create content about their activities while the community serves as a space for the global fandom to share news. Using FLNK's live streaming functions, artists can conduct online fan meetings quickly and easily. The e-Commerce function will also allow them to sell official merchandise and albums to their global fandom. While we are currently communicating with various clients, FLNK will be actively developing from the first half of 2023.


Third, full-fledged support for IP-based fandom business 

In 2022, bemyfriends started an expert-led team dedicated to the IP (Intellectual Property) business. The team supports creators and brands that have their own IP by providing professional consulting. As a result, we have the professional capacity to assist owners in planning and developing various aspects of their businesses, including merchandising, offline spaces, and secondary content.
The IP Business Team leverages its professional knowledge to enable owners with IPs to develop their businesses successfully, both offline and online. To help IP holders operate their fandom businesses in various directions, bemyfriends plans to expand our IP business in earnest.




bemyfriends is ready. 
Having prepared the solutions and services that serve as the key pillars of our global strategy, we are now taking full-fledged steps toward becoming the 'world's No. 1 fandom business builder'. Setting our sights on the US, we will expand our network by deploying a dedicated global workforce and collaborating actively with local agencies. We plan to dominate the creator economy in the US through aggressive efforts to attract customers.

Ever since our foundation in January 2021, bemyfriends has worked tirelessly to become a byword for a 'global fandom business builder’. Starting with b.stage, the hero SaaS solution, we have been constantly updating the service to provide the necessary conditions to run fandom businesses through consulting and new services. Now, in 2023, we are ready to go global. 

Countries may have borders, but there are no borders when it comes to the things you like. Thus, we gaze boldly at the larger world and the global market. bemyfriends will emerge as the number one global fandom business builder. For those who keep following us with affection and interest, we will make that possible.




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