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Data Shows b.stage’s Global Reach

bemyfriends was established with the goal of targeting the global fandom business market. In the past two years, we have gone all in to develop a SaaS tool to support fandom businesses in industries like K-Pop, entertainment, esports, broadcasting media, and content creation. Only six months after we started developing the tool, the beta version of b.stage was launched. This enabled us to establish a foundation for our global business at a rapid pace.

Since the official global launch of b.stage, the solution has become even more advanced with the release of additional community and e-commerce features. Currently, b.stage owners (i.e., users) from many different industries, including artists, creators, and corporate brands, are building their own platforms and bringing their fandom businesses to the next level.

Data collected from our own research in December confirmed that fans from more than 170 countries around the world are using b.stage to communicate with their favorite creators. 

Then, how are different users from around the world using b.stage?


1. Dominant in East Asia, the influence of K-Pop Goes beyond Korea 

With the growing worldwide popularity of K-Pop, many K-Pop stars are opening b.stages to communicate with their global fans. 

In 2022, the girl group KARA opened a b.stage to communicate with Kamilia (the name of their fandom) as they made a full comeback for the first time in seven years. The launch of KARA's b.stage attracted fans from various countries, including Japan. One after the other, additional K-Pop stars like Infinite leader Kim Sung Kyu, idol rookie group TRENDZ, DSP Media's co-ed group KARD opened their own b.stages. 

With the goal of advancing the K-Pop fandom business to the next level for the global market, b.stage introduced support for five languages: Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Japanese. This move made it easier for global fans to access b.stage and improved the platform user experience for fans around the world.


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2. b.stage owners are coming from more diverse nationalities

"Dream Maker", a popular audition program in the Philippines, has opened a b.stage to enhance fan participation and engagement. Using the survey function on b.stage, the program allows fans to have a say and support their favorite participants in becoming stars. "Dream Maker" starts at midnight (00:00) on January 16, Korean time, and voting ends at 24:00 on January 29. As they release new surveys daily, b.stage allows for real-time communication with fans during the show's broadcast.


3. Global eCommerce and logistics invite fans to start shopping
K-Pop is not the only Korean invention that has caused a global craze. Esports has also spread all over the world and produced world-class professional gamers with yearly salaries of more than 5 million USD. Just like what happened with K-Pop idols, millions of esports viewers around the world have started to form fandoms around these players. At first, fans are fascinated by the players’ gameplay, and later, they start supporting the pro gamers and their teams by buying their merchandise.

SK CS T1, a global esports powerhouse and home to the player "Faker", is using b.stage to provide membership kit products to fans. Thanks to b.stage, T1's fans can receive their products quickly, no matter where in the world they live. 

This was all made possible by bemyfriends's e-commerce experts, who have provided global digital logistics services like inventory management, payment processing, and international shipping/delivery at overseas fulfillment centers abroad. Through a strategic partnership with Samsung SDS, bemyfriends has strengthened the global logistics business. As a result, b.stage owners can now sell their products to fans in 208 countries worldwide.

The system invites the fans to become shoppers, and makes it easy for owners to monetize their fandom businesses.

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4. bemyfriends is making a name for itself in the American fandom business industry

On December 31, 2022, The US News & World Report (hereinafter USNWR) announced the ranking of the "world's most powerful countries" in 2022. The United States was ranked first, with USNWR writing that "the United States of America is [...] the world’s most dominant economic and military power. Likewise, its cultural imprint spans the world, led in large part by its popular culture expressed in music, movies and television." 

As you can see, the global influence of the United States is unparalleled. Since the United States is on the top 10 list of countries with the most b.stage visitors, we take this as a good sign that b.stage is making a name for itself in popular culture and the creator economy. Moreover, we introduced b.stage globally as an all-in-one solution that helps creators and iconic brands own their content and fandom. This has drawn the attention of industry leaders in the fandom business and the creator economy in the United States.

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In 2023, bemyfriends is accelerating our global business expansion plans starting in the US. We have entered into a strategic partnership with UTA (United Talent Agency), and plan to export our fandom business know-how to the global market. Additionally, we plan to serve as a bridgehead to strengthen the global fandom communities of domestic owners (customers and service users) like IP holders, K-Pop artists, dramas and movies, along with companies and brands.

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In 2023, bemyfriends plans to advance as a fandom business builder by updating b.stage with various features.

A global fandom that grows with the influence of K-Pop, owners of various nationalities, global e-commerce services, and our influence in the United Status. bemyfriends is ready to welcome industry leaders and their followers. The time has come to take notice of our growing global presence as a fandom business builder.


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