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bemyfriends launches b.stage beta Inviting Creators Around the Globe To Build Their Own Platform

An All-In-One Software Service Designed For Creators To Create Their Own Platform, Harnessing The Power of The K-Pop Fandom Mechanism With Monetization Solutions

After Securing Over $10 Million In Funding in Less Than a Year Since Its Inception, bemyfriends Is Now Accepting Applications For Their b.Stage Beta Program Until January 19th

(Seoul, Korea) January 5, 2022 – Today, global fandom company bemyfriends announces the availability of its b.stage beta service to creators around the globe. b.stage is the newest software service on the market where creators can own and operate their own platform, creating a space built specifically to nurture a direct relationship with fans. Users can integrate content from all platforms onto their b.stage to offer fans one centralized solution. The global beta service will be open for applications through January 19th.

b.stage offers a full-scale all-in-one solution for creators and iconic brands to build their fanbase and grow their monetization through fan interactions, content creation, service management, smart data intelligence, merchandising, e-commerce, NFTs, ad services and beyond. This revolutionary tool creates a space for creators to seamlessly communicate with fans in a meaningful way to generate the ultimate happiness, and fandom, for their followers.

“We created the b.stage solution by combining the power of fandom with the right technology to expand the possibilities of the creator and fan relationship,” said Aaron Bae, CEO of bemyfriends. “Now there is a space where all creators and iconic brands can build their own unique and personalized platform for their fans that will be a central hub for all content and interactions to help build a sustainable income, all while allowing them to cultivate their passion.”

b.stage is for every type of creator in any industry. Whether an artist, creator, fashion designer, intellectual, professional athlete, brand manager, or even an iconic brand looking to go to the next level, b.stage can boost the value of work, and fandom. Creators can invite fans to be members of their b.stage through an easy signup process offering no limitations. Once the fans arrive, creators can interact through messaging and emojis using their direct line of communication. Fans can now connect with the creators they love, and for creators to give that love right back.

Whether it is a one-time payment, donation button, or designing a subscription model for a content series, creators have full control on how to best monetize their platforms.The monetizing solutions are embedded within each user’s platform for a seamless setup while a bemyfriends experienced team member can assist with any and all transactions. A creator’s content can now be turned into a lucrative business service model with b.stage.

b.stage offers an ecosystem of powerful business partners to support all business operations and important decision-making so creators can focus on what they truly love to do, allowing their creativity to reach new heights. 

Understanding fans has also never been easier with b.stage’s full data insights. With access to user behavior and the freedom to collect data from fans online, creators are equipped with unparalleled information that can help navigate the best way to run their platform.

Aaron Bae along with Co-Founder June Kay are known as the original fandom industry experts due to their integral roles in the successful design of Weverse and its e-commerce Weverse shop with major K-Pop artists including BTS. During their time at Weverse, they discovered a void in the market and decided to create bemyfriends in 2021 with the sole purpose of building a complete advanced solution for creator and business needs in the fandom industry, using the K-Pop fandom mechanism.

bemyfriends’ vision of helping teams design with purpose and build personal relationships is already taking the industry by storm as proven by their $2.5 million seed round followed by an additional $8 million more raised to date for global service build-up needs.

The global beta service will follow a similar format to the successful beta launch in Korea released just a few months ago. The global beta service will be open for applications through January 19th. All creators accepted will be informed the following week. The chosen beta testers will be able to experience all b.stage functions as they are rolled out, and will receive credit for a six months service fee, also known as our essential package, after the official service launch. Creators and companies around the world can sign up for the beta service here as well as learn more about unleashing their true global fandom by visiting

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