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Follow These Top TikTok Food Creators’ Recipes for Success


TikTok food creators Doobydobap (Tina Choi), @thatlittlepuff and Tabitha Brown prepare FoodTok recipes for their followers

Hello and welcome to the first entry in our ongoing series of creator stories! Here, we’ll show you how creators from around the world are reaching new levels of success by taking control of their platform and connecting with their fans on a more meaningful level.

With solutions like bemyfriends’ bespoke platform builder, b.stage, opening up new ways to monetize and engage with fans, creators now have more tools than ever to tap into the true power of their fandom. In the face of an ever-changing content landscape, the most savvy creators are finding sustainable success by diversifying their revenue streams and forging closer relationships with followers.

We’re seeing this trend among creators of all kinds, including those producing the one type of content virtually everyone loves to consume: food videos. With summer in the air, let’s take a moment to explore how some of TikTok’s biggest food creators are building their profile one delicious dish at a time.

The platform for tastemakers

How many of us have been scrolling through TikTok and suddenly found ourselves falling into a rabbit hole of quick and easy recipes for everything from cloud bread to whipped coffee?

In just a few short years, “FoodTok” has emerged as an unstoppable force on the social media scene. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why. When millions around the world were stuck at home during the pandemic, many turned to cooking. Public appetite for recipes went off the charts – especially on TikTok, where, as of this writing, videos with the hashtag #TikTokFood have amassed roughly 65 billion views. Today, that insatiable appetite for easy-to-make recipes has made it a great time to be a food creator.

If you’re thinking about becoming one yourself to make some extra income, TikTok could be a great place to start. When it comes to building a following quickly, few major platforms can compete with TikTok’s bite-size video format. The platform is full of creators who’ve racked up thousands of followers faster than you can say “Kit-Kat cheesecake.”

As Eunice Shin, the head of media and entertainment at Prophet, a growth strategy firm, told the New York Times, “The thing that makes TikTok outstanding compared to any other platform is the speed of scale. If something goes viral, you can go from zero to millions of followers in a matter of months. That’s really hard to do if you take a traditional trajectory.”

The creators below have achieved such numbers while sticking to a tried-and-true recipe for long-lasting success: eventually expanding their brand beyond TikTok and establishing their own sustainable business. Let’s dig into some key lessons aspiring creators can learn from these seasoned social media chefs.

Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

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Who she isVegan chef and actor Tabitha Brown has made it her mission to use her platform to “spread love and light.” Her warm smile, sense of humor and calm demeanor have made her a hit with the 4.9 million followers who devour her videos combining simple vegan recipes with a daily dose of encouragement.

Must-see recipe: There are so many to choose from, but we suggest starting with the vegan mac-n-cheese Tabitha made for her daughter Choyce’s 19th birthday.

Key takeaways: Tabitha is a creator who understands how nurturing meaningful relationships with followers helps turn them into superfans. Not only is she effortlessly charming but she clearly cares about her followers’ wellbeing, often encouraging them to go easier on themselves and be mindful of their mental health. Aspiring creators would do well to follow Tabitha’s personal and engaging approach.

Doobydobap (@doobydobap

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Who she is: Tina Choi (aka Doobydobap) is a food and lifestyle content creator based in Seoul. As of this writing, her TikTok videos have earned her more than 3.4 million followers and 78 million likes. Her dishes are delectable and inventive, and she often pairs them with thought-provoking stories about life, love and lessons she’s learned.

Must-see recipe: Doobydobap’s mouthwatering crispy tuna avo burger. Because as she says, a mere crispy tuna bite “isn’t gonna feed anyone.”

Key takeaways: There’s just so much that aspiring creators can learn from a creator like Doobydobap. Fans love her videos because she’s open with them, and because her recipes and style are one-of-a-kind. Her content has exposed millions around the world to the intricacies of Korean cuisine, and her empowering catchphrase (“Don’t yuck my yum”) has helped her expand her reach while challenging people’s preconceived notions about other cultures’ food.

Not only is Doobydobap authentic and unique, but she’s also taken steps to make her business more sustainable. Building a website has allowed her to create her own platform where she can share more recipes and personal stories and monetize her brand by selling merch. Whether you’ve just started out or you’ve been creating for a while, for the long-term health of your channel, you’ll want to make sure that you’re monetizing content off-platform as well. 

Puff (@thatlittlepuff

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Who he is: Puff is a New York City-based ragdoll cat whose family created the wildly popular TikTok account, @thatlittlepuff. In an interview with Tubefilter, Puff’s owner, Lynch Zhang, recalled how they were inspired to create the account when the pandemic closed down NYC restaurants and Puff took an interest in watching Zhang and their family cook.

Soon, the family began posting videos of Puff “cooking” simple dishes on TikTok. Before long, clips of Puff experimenting in the kitchen and testing viral cooking hacks had generated hundreds of millions of views and several million followers (over 28 million as of this writing).

Must-see recipe: Although Puff’s cooking made him famous, drinks are his true specialty. We recommend trying this colorful concoction Puff whipped up to beat the summer heat.

Key takeaways: The content may be silly (in the best possible way), but by taking the Puff brand’s growth and monetization seriously, Puff’s family managed to launch its very own company, Puff Media. Building a home for the brand off-platform has also created opportunities to sell fans a wide range of adorable Puff-inspired products, including clothing collections for “gangster pets” and “cosplay pets.” 

At the end of the day, Puff’s content is a reminder to budding food creators that it’s important to have fun. Fans gravitate to creators who clearly love what they do. And while content creation offers a lot of benefits, at times, it can also be overwhelming. Which is why it’s always important to protect your mental health.

It’s Your Time to Shine

If you know you’ve got what it takes to become a successful creator, take a cue from the creators above by interacting with fans on a deeper level and maximizing your earning potential. Visit to find out how bemyfriends’ bespoke platform builder, b.stage, makes it easier for creators to do both by opening up exciting new ways to monetize and connect with fans.

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