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T1 Opens Fandom Membership Platform via b.stage to Strengthen Communication Between Players and Fans


Membership platform launched today(24th)… To provide communication channels for players and fans, exclusive content, and various online-offline events

Looking forward to a meaningful connection with fans around the world… To create unique value with differentiated membership services 

March 24, 2022 (Seoul) – Global fandom business builder bemyfriends and global esports organization T1 Entertainment & Sports announced the launch of its membership service platform powered by b.stage starting today.

The newly opened membership service and platform( will allow T1 fans to immerse themselves into the action and cheer on their favorite players. Additionally, fans who are currently unable to cheer for the players on-site due to the ongoing global pandemic will now have a new and exciting way to get involved.

In May 2021, bemyfriends and T1 signed an MOU to establish a fandom platform that enables communication with the global fans. Since then, the two companies worked together to develop away to implement community spaces fostering direct communication as well as provide exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes videos, and differentiated membership services through b.stage.

T1 plans to use b.stage to communicate as well as show never before seen photos and unreleased cuts of the famous ‘The Locker Room’ series. T1 laid the foundation for the differentiated platform and service operation using the fandom expertise and technology solutions provided by bespoke platform builder b.stage.

T1’s CEO Joe Marsh said, “The competitive edge and legacy of T1 is all thanks to the support and love from fans. I am very excited that the new platform and membership will allow for the players and fans to feel a bit closer.” 

“The fandom of the esports industry is unique and special on its own. T1 discovered that specialty early on, allowing them to utilize the platform for fans to showcase their love and support for T1,” said Aaron Bae, co-CEO of bemyfriends. 

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