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May the Force Be With You, Creators


Each year on May fourth, Star Wars fans around the world celebrate an unofficial holiday inspired by one of the most famous lines in movie history: “May the Force be with you.”

Just like the mysterious Force that binds all beings together in the films, Star Wars is one of those truly iconic things that nearly everyone has experienced in one way or another. Even if you have no idea what wookies, tauntauns or jawas are, or what color milk is in a galaxy far, far away (it’s blue), odds are you’re at least somewhat familiar with this pop culture phenomenon.

That’s a testament to the power of Star Wars fandom, which is still going strong after 45 years. While the Force itself may not be real, the Force of fandom most certainly is. It, too, transcends peoples and cultures, uniting us behind the things we love most. With the rise of the creator economy and an explosion of content, the Force of fandom has never been stronger. 

Whereas in the Star Wars universe, the Force is commanded by the heroic Jedi, fandom’s Force is commanded by creators. That’s right, creators: the Force is with you. Now here are some tips to help you harness its power.

Build your temple

No matter what you create or how big your following is, if your content is scattered across various platforms, it may be time to consider building your own.

Think of it as your Jedi Temple – a place for you, your content and your fans to call home. Having your own bespoke platform can make it easier to engage with followers and keep them updated, and help you establish an official online presence. So when a new fan comes across your work and decides to Google you, they’ll be taken to a place where they can browse all your content at once, along with anything else you have to offer.

Unite your heroes

It’s not enough to simply create a home for your fans. You should also create a sense of community. After all, it was only once Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie were united that they were able to overcome insurmountable odds and topple the Empire.

Whether your fan base numbers in the hundreds, the thousands or even more, forming strong connections with followers will help you take your fandom into hyperdrive.

You can form those connections by interacting with fans often and by making those interactions more meaningful. Use your platform to let fans into your world, hear what they think, and connect with them in ways that go beyond likes. Creating a space where fans can communicate with you and each other on a deeper level will help you turn your followers into superfans.

Bring order to the Force

If you’re a creator, staying in tune with the Force means consistently producing content that keeps fans interested and engaged. It’s not always easy to figure out what will work and what won’t. (Even Jedi, with all their wisdom, miss the mark sometimes.) However, having more insights into your fans can make the picture much clearer.

The benefits of accessing those insights make owning your own platform all the more important. With b.stage, bemyfriends’ bespoke platform builder, creators’ content and data are entirely theirs. This means that when you build your own platform, you’re given access to all the data your fans produce, rather than the snapshots of data you get with other platforms. 

Having more insights into fans’ interests, journeys and behaviors makes it easier to offer them better content and a better overall experience.

Grow your empire*

If you walk the path of the creative Jedi and follow the points we’ve covered so far, you’ll be well set to gain more loyal fans and start growing your empire. Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re being compensated fairly for your content and creations. 

For many creators, that will mean reducing your reliance on social platforms’ ad revenue by integrating things like memberships and donations into how you do business. 

When you build your own platform with b.stage, you’re in control of your monetization. With no minimum conditions, fully customizable membership options, a low service fee, and the added ability to sell individual pieces of content, a b.stage-powered platform makes it easy to turn your content and creations into a lasting, sustainable business.

*Yes, we know the Jedi served the Republic, not the Empire. But we’re hoping all you true fans out there will let this one slide!

*All images sourced from Star Wars' official website, Images used only for illustrative purposes and not for sales or promotion. Star Wars and its characters are copyright of Disney and Lucasfilm.

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