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Singer Kim Sung-kyu Opens New Home for Global Fan Communication with b.stage

  • Global fandom business startup bemyfriends’ b.stage solution provides new home for Kim Sung-kyu to communicate with global fandom using content, community, and membership functions
  • bemyfriends will support artists to expand fandom business with their own platform powered-by b.stage, a safe zone for fans and artists

SEOUL, Korea – January 3, 2023 – Lead singer of global K-pop group Infinite, Kim Sung-kyu, opened a new home for his fandom on January 1st using global fandom business startup bemyfriends’ b.stage solution.

b.stage is a bespoke platform builder that offers artists a wide range of functions to support their successful fandom operations, providing them with a space to manage content and memberships and build community with fans. b.stage gives artists complete ownership of their content and data while also helping them communicate with fans and build data-based fandom businesses.

On January 1st, Kim's management team, DoubleH TNE, told global fans on social media that the singer’s b.stage-powered platform ( had officially launched. Previously, Kim made announcements, posted content and communicated with fans using V LIVE, a live-streaming service. Now that the service is closing, a new home is needed. Kim will continue to actively communicate with fans by relocating his fandom hub to b.stage, which can manage and retain all content, communications, and data that had been uploaded to the singer’s previous online home. 

"The most attractive thing about b.stage is that it allows artists to become owners of their platform and communicate with fans," said Hun-seok Lee, CEO of DoubleH TNE. "We are happy to be with bemyfriends, which has abundant expertise and know-how to expand our fandom business."

"The value of the content and data that artists and fans have accumulated together for years is more precious than anything else to fandom, and in that respect, b.stage adds endless value to fandom," said Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends.

With one new feature after another, bemyfriends will continue to strengthen global fandom business functions and services in 2023. The company has been stepping up efforts to expand its fandom business by providing content, commerce and community, and offering b.stage platform owners membership services, merchandise planning (MD), shop operations, global logistics, and more.

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